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Project facts

Project title Selection of Appropriate Vehicle Restraint Systems
Acronym SAVeRS
Project Coordinator Francesca La Torre E-mail francesca.latorre@unifi.it
Address Via Santa Marta 3, FIRENZE Phone +39.055.4796219
Project Budget 559.137,84 €    
Planned Starting date 01/01/2013    
Planned End date 31/12/2014    
Duration 24 months    

SAVeRS Project is part of the CEDR Cross-border Transnational Research Programme 2012 "Safety" funded by Belgium/Flanders, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom.

Dissemination and interaction with possible stakeholders during and after the project is an important issue in SAVeRS project. This goal will be reached through the project website and the project workshops held during the project to discuss with the stakeholders the possible outcome of the research. The results of the project will also be implemented through the teaching activities ongoing at UNIFI and TCD.


For more information on SAVeRS project please contact francesca.latorre@unifi.it